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Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson I lemmed the audiobook version of this book.

Long story short: World War Z, but with robots. A soldier doing clean up work following the end of the Robot Wars finds the robot army’s “black box”: a catalogue and collection of individual stories dating back to the beginning days of robot AI.

It could have worked, I really wanted to like this. Unfortunately, the author is stuck on the concept of the first person, present tense style of storytelling. It doesn’t work for a compilation of stories told after the fact. And there were far too many instances of floridly described details placed in the middle of a narrative. For instance, the cashier at the ice cream parlor pauses to contemplate the way the light bounces off the sweaty hair of his co-worker while he is being attacked by a homicidal robot.

I really wanted to like this but the writing style just killed it for me. The voice actor was very good.