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Frankenstein - Mary Shelley I've never watched any of the many Frankenstein movies. All I knew of the story was clips of angry peasants holding pitchforks and torches.

I was surprised at how heart-rending this story was.

The story features a trope that's not used often: a flashback within a flashback. It works. At every new chapter, I was constantly aware that the story would circle back to the beginning. Finding out what lead to the initial scenes was part of what made this so interesting.

You probably know the basics: Dr Frankenstein, a brilliant (if ethically unaware) scientist constructs a person and brings it to life. What follows is a frightening hypothesis of what happens when nature and nurture are opposed. What happens when a new life is educated in love and respect, but is treated with hatred and disgust?

Well, Frankenstein's creation begins wrecking vengeance on mankind, that's what. But, rather than being horrified by this murderer, I pitied him. All he wanted was a kind word, a smile directed at him, a friend; what he got was pitchforks and torches.

Conversely, I despised Frankenstein. Self-indulgent, arrogant and careless, quick to accuse his creation of murder (rightly, it turns out), but slow to acknowledge how his own failures lead to the creation's destructive acts.

I don't think I'll ever watch any of the movies. Frankenstein was treated so badly throughout this story, that I'm not inclined to watch more of it.