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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline A young man addicted to a virtual reality MMORG discovers the first clue in the ultimate Easter Egg scavenger hunt. As a result he becomes ridiculously famous (in game), faces assassination attempts (IRL) and finally talks to the girl of his dreams. RP1 is filled with 80's nostalgia, cult sci-fi trivia and enough arcade game name-dropping to give even the most veteran gamer shell shock.

I had two problems with the novel: a) the aforementioned name-dropping got to a point when it became obnoxious. I mean, really, the main character had an X-wing that he kept in the hangar bay of his transport class Firefly, which he used when he wasn't driving around in his Delorean (also upgraded to include the voice and red bumper lights of KITT). Seriously?

b)RP1 takes place in a dystopia: there's an energy crisis, food shortage and almost universal unemployment. The mass addiction to OASIS (a free-to-access virtual reality) is understandable, but why is it never discussed? Parzival recognized that he was addicted to the game, there's even support groups for OASIS users who never leave their homes (hikikomori). So, why, was the subject of gamer addiction never discussed?

Ultimately, I gave the novel 3 stars. I wouldn't read it again, and I wouldn't suggest it to others. However, RP1 is a YA novel (likely intended for young boys), so a 20 something woman is probably not the intended audience.